About this web page:

In an ocean of complex flashy web pages you might notice how simple ours is. If you want to be dazzled by commercials you’re not the client for us, and we’re not the firm for you. We provide solutions. This web page provides information. Anything more would be a waste of everyone’s time. Additionally we aren’t a talkative bunch, we don’t put everything out here on the web because some secrets are worth keeping.

About our company:

S2 Consultant, LLC. was founded out of necessity in 2013.  For several years prior to that date, the “company” had loosely existed as a select group of independent contractors, the majority of which were current or former career military and law enforcement professionals. We supported local attorneys, business owners, law enforcement agencies, and private citizens with a wide range of investigative and security services. As our reputation grew, so did the demand for our services. The momentum built until late 2012, when the right client with the right case walked through the door of a local attorney who had experienced the quiet professionalism of our group. The year that followed created what is now S2.

About our name:

As for the name, it is a tip of the hat to our collective backgrounds. The “Two Shop” or the S2 is the intelligence arm of the military. Everyone who works in the two shop maintains some type of security clearance, most maintain some of the highest clearances granted by our government. These “cream of the crop” personnel represent the best of the best and are trusted with our nations closest secrets. We at S2 bring this dedication, loyalty, and professionalize to our clients in every case. 

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