As a full service investigative firm, S2 provides a broad range of services; from establishing a pattern of life (POL) to intricately detailed investigations encompassing both traditional and cutting edge techniques. We have the experts, tools, and training to deliver the results. No investigation is too small, and we believe that each and every investigation deserves a professional approach.

Finding any situation without a computer involved at some level is nearly impossible today.  While computers and digital storage devices saturate our lives, securing the information they contain in a forensically sound manner is challenging. When you have questions about digital evidence, let S2 provide the answers. Our trained and certified staff have the tools and experience needed to secure the data and present it in a clear and concise manner that will stand up in both court and the boardroom.

A screenshot from a phone or a forwarded e­mail of a conversation is not evidence. S2 is one of the few licensed and certified firms in the country trained and equipped to secure, analyze, and present this critical information to the courts in compliance with Federal and State Rules of Evidence.

Improper storage and handling of evidence could result in the loss of admissibility and use in a case.  S2 provides training for proper chain-of-custody documentation and secretion of evidence, and has the capability to store all types of evidence from physical to digital, including computers, firearms, phones, documents, vehicles, and anything else you need to keep safe for trial.

Responding to litigation, identifying critical information leaks, or countering negative media attention. These crisis situations call for a calm, logical, and professional response. Let S2 evaluate your situation and generate a plan of action that will result in risk mitigation and successful future operations.

What is really being said about you?  More importantly, WHO is saying it?  If you can’t answer this, then we can.

S2 provides a vast selection of protective services. From local courthouse to global travel, we can custom tailor a package to meet each individual client’s needs.

Skip tracing, or finding those who don’t want to be found, is both an art and a science.  It takes a large staff of trained and experienced professionals along with a large “toolbox” of techniques, services, and tools to locate individuals.  S2 has the ability and the network to quickly find the people you need to find.

When you need more than the service provided by local law enforcement, let S2 handle your complex civil service.  We don’t take “NO” for an answer.

People are unpredictable when cornered.  Victims of domestic violence and whistle-blowers do not receive State or Federal Witness Protection, so S2 strives to fill that gap.  From short term protective services to relocation services, we have the solutions that will provide a safe and secure environment for those at risk.

Let S2 provide a data management and backup solution tailored to your needs and budget. Our fiber optic network and encrypted servers will provide the access and security you and your staff need, with the peace of mind that only S2 can provide.

At S2, we realize the importance of timely and accurate investigation and information acquisition during the pendency of a lawsuit. From the preparation stages through trial and appeal, S2 provides comprehensive litigation support for all facets of your case. Let S2 support your firm so you can focus on your client.

We understand that the majority of situations need more than a “cookie-cutter” sales package.  Contact Us and let S2 provide a custom solution to meet your needs.

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