Digital Forensics: 3 Basic Skip Trace Tactics

3 Basic Skip Trace Tactics for Digital Forensics Since well before our founding in 2013, the team at S2 Consultant were building relationships, networking with the right people, and honing our craft as investigators from all different backgrounds. It is because of this diverse range of experiences that we are able to offer pinpoint skip […]

The Legality of Hiring a Private Investigator

Private Investigator: Is Hiring a PI Legal? The world is an imperfect place and in some cases, this imperfection demands action that we would rather not have to take. This includes hiring a private investigator. While we hope that you would never be faced with a situation that warrants hiring a private investigator, S2 Consultant […]

When You Might Need to Recover Messages

A Few Reasons You Might Need to Recover Messages Do you save all of your text or instant messages? Or do you habitually clear out your inboxes to free up space? Whichever is the case, you might be surprised at how often people will need to urgently recover messages. Even if you save them yourself, […]

What is Data Recovery?

What is Data Recovery? As professionals in cyber forensics, S2 Consultant is well aware of how confusing and often overwhelming a lot of the terminology in the tech industry can be. Data recovery is no different, if you find yourself needing data recovery services, but confused by all of the complex language involved, do not […]