Digital Forensics: 3 Basic Skip Trace Tactics

3 Basic Skip Trace Tactics for Digital Forensics

Since well before our founding in 2013, the team at S2 Consultant were building relationships, networking with the right people, and honing our craft as investigators from all different backgrounds. It is because of this diverse range of experiences that we are able to offer pinpoint skip tracing.

Skip tracing allows us to find those people who do not want to be found. Through detailed and discreet investigative work and digital forensics, we are able to locate and identify people who may be important to your legal case or who may be avoiding contact with you for critical reasons.


Here we discuss some of the most basic skip tracing techniques that a person may be able to employ on their own. However, we should note that these may work well for finding your old high school crush or someone dodging a petty debt, but they won’t help you find someone smart enough to cover their trail. Read on for three easy skip tracing digital forensics tactics you can employ yourself.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information

The internet poses both great potential and great difficulty to anyone practicing digital forensics or skip tracing. While it allows users access to massive quantities of information within seconds of typing an inquiry into a search bar, it also presents far more information than one person can possibly use, especially when they are trying to locate a single person among millions.


A rudimentary strategy in digital forensics is to eliminate irrelevant search results by using quotations around a search query. This will yield only results that match the exact phrase. Typing in someone’s name and location will now only yield information about people with that name in that area, rather than information about the area but not the name or vice versa.

You will likely see ads in your search results as well from people trying to sell you the ability to locate anyone. These are likely a scam and should be avoided.

Start Easy

Just like you should always make sure your electronics are plugged in before you call the repairman, you should always try the easiest methods for locating someone. This includes searching for them online as noted above but also calling 411 for local directory assistance. This service will allow you to locate someone whose information is publicly available. While this may seem so obvious, many petty criminals or others will forget to obscure this avenue to their location – or they may not know that it exists.

Social Media

Some people are too clumsy or unaware of how to make their social media accounts private. Some people do not want their accounts to be private. Use this to your advantage when trying to locate someone. Even being able to find a recent photo of the person you are after on their friend’s account may help you locate them very quickly.

When The Basics Fail, Call S2 Consultant for Digital Forensics

While these skip tracing methods may help you locate your long lost friend, you will likely struggle to find someone who is more privy to methods for obscuring their own location. In these cases, you will need experts in digital forensics and skip tracing on your side. For the best, call S2 Consultant at 417-894-7080.