S2 Consultant’s Guide to Best Practices on Social Media for Businesses

S2 Consultant and How Your Business Should Be Handling Social Media

The rise of social media has changed the way we communicate. It has also changed the way businesses manage their reputations. But, it is not all down to the social media presence of the business itself. At S2 Consultant, our digital forensics experts have seen many businesses hurt by the online conduct of their staff – and even their own digital image.


Even if your business does not have any social media presence, members of your staff most certainly do. What they do online can be linked to you so it is important that, as a business owner, you understand the best practices for social media and corporate image. In this S2 Consultant blog entry, our professional digital investigation team gives some advice.

Adding Customers or Clients as Friends

Adding customers or clients as friends on social media is one of the cardinal sins of social media management. It is also one of the ones most commonly committed by staff and management alike. Adding customers or clients as personal friends on social media opens up an enormous can of worms, from risking them seeing more unprofessional posts to having customer relations issues become personal on a public platform. No matter how tech savvy and customer-relations oriented you are, S2 Consultant’s team strongly advises that you never add customers to your personal accounts.

Taking Office Conflicts Online

Speaking of conflicts, taking staff or customer issues to social media is another situation you should absolutely avoid. You need to make sure your staff members are made aware of the consequences of taking personal grievances with management or fellow staff members to social media. Avoiding conflict with aggrieved customers or clients might be a little harder, but there are professional ways of handling online backlash.

Not Having a Designated Team for Social Media

Of course, all of this is a lot more difficult without a dedicated social media manager or a whole team of staff. Even today, many business owners underestimate how much time and thought has to go into social media management, but it is absolutely a full-time job. Lacking a dedicated staff member or team, or rotating accounts among a disorganized collection of staff members makes misuse more likely and can cause issues for your business down the line.

Social Media Policy for the Business and Employees

In addition to having staff specifically for managing social media presence and communication, S2 Consultant strongly recommends drafting a full social media policy. This blog entry is just a general guide with some basic tips. A comprehensive social media policy goes much deeper.


Having concrete rules in black and white for your staff to follow helps to avoid misuse of company social media accounts and saves you from headaches in the future. It also makes it clear how to handle online customer relations, potential data breaches, and representation of the business or organization across social media platforms.

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