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S2 Consultant offers a variety of digital forensic and investigative services. Learn more about each of our services below and see how they may be able to help you.

Digital Investigations

S2 Consultant offers comprehensive digital investigative services. With so many ways to share and post information online, it can be hard to sift through what is real and what is falsified. Our experienced team will investigate cell phone information, computers, perform digital forensics and e-discovery, and conduct social media investigations where needed. The range of services that digital investigations cover is comprehensive. Give us a call at (417) 894-7080 to see how digital investigations can help you.


Sometimes surveillance is the only way to find the facts you are looking for. Our highly skilled investigators can monitor the events and patterns of an individual to give you actionable intelligence and information you need. Our surveillance services include manual surveillance, electronic-assisted surveillance, digital surveillance, and GPS tracking. Contact us at (417) 894-7080 to see how surveillance can help you.

Litigation Support

At S2 Consultant, we realize the importance of timely and accurate investigation and information acquisition during the pendency of a lawsuit. From the preparation stages through trial and appeal, S2 provides comprehensive litigation support for all facets of your case. Let S2 support your firm so you can focus on your client. Learn more about our litigation support services by calling us at (417) 894-7080.

Skip Trace

If you have a legitimate reason to find someone, you can find them through skip trace. Skip trace is both an art and a science, and highly skilled professionals are required to perform this service effectively. Our team of veterans at S2 Consultant uses our tracking skills and extensive toolbox to find these missing persons. To see how skip trace can help you contact us at (417) 894-7080 today.

Investigative Research and Background Investigations

Whether you are hiring a new employee, a nanny, or investing with a potential business partner, you can minimize your risk by conducting a background check. S2 Consultant does professional background checks that include criminal records, employment history, educational experience, driver’s records, civil records, social media checks, and more. By doing a professional background check, you will not leave anything to chance.

Expert Interview and Lie Detection

Lie detection must be done by professionals. The veterans at S2 Consultant are certified to conduct and analyze these interviews. Included in these services are polygraph testing, voice stress analysis, and an interview conducted by an expert.


TSCM, or technical surveillance counter-measures, ensure you are protected from surveillance and “bugs”. Our TSCM sweeps include implementing countermeasures to ensure the safety of your home or business from would be eavesdroppers or voyeurs.

Protective Services

People are unpredictable when cornered. Victims of domestic violence and whistle-blowers do not receive State or Federal Witness Protection, so S2 strives to fill that gap. From short-term protective services to relocation services, we have the solutions that will provide a safe and secure environment for those at risk.

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DNA Testing

If you’re in need of DNA testing for paternity, S2 Consultant can help. To ensure that the results are completely accurate, DNA testing should be left to professionals. We have the technology in place to make sure you get accurate results every time.

Teaching and Training

Our tactics and techniques can be learned, but it takes an experienced professional to teach them. If you are interested in learning more and being trained in the art and science of digital forensics and investigations, give us a call at (417) 894-7080.

How Our Services Can Help

All of these services have helped our clients in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:
● Fraud
● Personal Injury
● Infidelity / Domestic / Cheating / Divorce
● Secret Shopping and Loss Prevention
● Workers Compensation
● Child Welfare
● Substance Abuse
● Paternity Testing
● Business Investigations
● Records Location
● Accident Reconstruction
● Arson/Fire Investigation
● Preparing for Litigation
● Responding to Litigation
● Intellectual Property Theft/Corporate Espionage
● And Much More

Choose S2 Consultant

Digital forensics and investigative services should not be left to chance. You need someone who can get the job done right, and with the utmost discretion. That is what we provide at S2 Consultant. Choose a veteran-owned business with experience to make sure you find what you are looking for. Contact us at (417) 894-7080 today for more information.