How Social Media Digital Forensics can Affect Your Hiring Process

Social Media Digital Forensics for Employment

There has not been a point in world history where each individual person was more accessible than people are today. Thanks to the internet and social media, you can be talking to someone clear across the planet through a simple Facebook Messenger invite. You can even speak with a person who speaks a different language as long as you have access to Google Translate or another online translation software. At S2 Consultant, we understand that this interconnectedness can benefit your company. Today on our blog, we look at how social media digital forensics can be used to your company’s advantage.

What Is Social Media Digital Forensics?

Typically, social media digital forensics is used for legal matters and court cases. But to a lesser extent, we are all social media digital forensics analysts. We patrol Twitter accounts to decide whether or not we should follow them, scroll through Facebook feeds to see what your old high school friend has turned into and stalk your daughter’s new boyfriend on Instagram. This isn’t exactly “digital forensics” but the concept is there.


The reason that we do these things is that we recognize that social media is a good indicator of who the person is in real life. And why wouldn’t it be? Social media is built on stepping into a person’s best life. If they love sports, you’ll see sports. If they hate a politician, you’ll hear about it. This is incredibly valuable in hiring people for your company because you get a look at who the real person is that you are interviewing. This isn’t to say that every person you interview is actually a fraud, but every interviewee makes themselves more shiny for their first date with a company. If you want to see the real person, social media is the way to go. And because of how accessible social media is, it is usually a really easy evaluation process.

What a Good Investigation Looks Like

As always, there are limits to a personal investigation.You may run into private Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts, which will certainly make your job harder. Despite making your job more difficult, there are other ways to obtain information. What that means is to continue researching this person through other connections, like siblings and friends, and their social media. Because they have private accounts, information that comes from those accounts will be very tough to access.


It is also important to remain objective when using this type of research. While you should find people that you would like to hire, you should also not allow non-vital things – such as religion and political beliefs, for example – to get in the way. You aren’t there to see if you agree with the candidate’s personal beliefs, you are there to see if they have the proper character to join their team. If you allow inconsequential things to get in the way, you not only compromise the hiring process, but you also run the risk of discrimination.

Let S2 Consultant Help

Even though social media is a very public and open medium, it can still be difficult to find the information about your prospective hire. Avoid the hassle altogether and let the professionals at S2 Consultant do it for you. We specialize in social media digital forensics and can investigate what your candidate is doing on social media and not only look for what they are doing but what they have said about your company and your competitors. Contact us at (417) 894-7080 or visit our website for more information.